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Caring Science as Sacred Science, New Revised Edition

Caring Science as Sacred Science, New Revised Edition

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Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
Revised Edition June 12, 2021, Lotus Library

“In this continuing work, I have allowed myself to incorporate personal material… for my own caring-healing processes … So, in some ways, writing about Caring and Sacred Science may not be tolerated in academic circles and scholarly work, but if there was ever a time to converge personal and professional authentic, ethical efforts for living/being/doing/becoming scholarly, spirit-filled, and scientific, it is NOW.”
Jean Watson

Following on from Watson's classic Nursing: the Philosophy and Science of Caring, this book is for scholars who wish to understand the integration of French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas’ Philosophy and ‘Ethics of Belonging’ as a basis for a Caring Science worldview. Watson makes a case for Caring Science as Sacred Science in that nursing is dealing with life force, the soul of another. This work invites Cosmic love as that to which we all belong before and after life/death; the sacred circle of life as part of sacred mystery. Personal vignettes of Jean’s journey into the loss of her eye and husband are integrated into the text. Includes the Seven Sacred Sutras.

Level: Accessible to all readers

Audience: For students, professors scholars, researchers and graduate students

First Edition 2005, Philadelphia, PA, FA Davis

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