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Human Caring through Healing Haiku

Human Caring through Healing Haiku

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Do you wish to recapture joy and happiness in your healthcare profession?
The fulfillment of knowing you’ve made a difference in a patient’s life?

Human Caring through Healing Haiku: Mindful Journaling for Healthcare Providers offers simple ways to improve your sense of wellbeing and emotional/mental health, which in turn impacts your physical health. These spill over to everyone your life touches. Day by day, engage in the gentlest of practices which cost nothing, but pour refreshing life into yourself and those around you through:

  • Brief quotes from Dr. Jean Watson’s books about the Theory of Caring Science
  • Micropractices which apply theory to your personal and professional life
  • Healing haiku to calm and bring you into the present moment, allowing past-related regrets or future-related anxieties to drop away
  • Questions for reflection that give space for noting the life-giving moments experienced

Dr. Janette V. Moreno, with more than twenty years of clinical and leadership experience, has extensive clinical and academic teaching, mentoring, coaching, consulting, and professional development experiences. As a Caritas Coach, she integrates mindfulness as a transformational caring leader and has led several organizations’ strategic integration of the Theory of Caring Science into professional practice environments.

Dr. Jan Marie Anderson has been a nurse educator for over twenty years at all levels and worked with the Watson Caring Science Institute since its inception. These teachings have added depth and dimension to everything she does. Her passion is to share in the lives of students and make a difference for each person in her life.

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Rose Quartz

Best known for being the stone of unconditional love. It’s believed to emit a strong vibration of love, joy, peace, self-love & emotional healing


Often referred to as the "Stone of Eternity," is a sought-after crystal known for its soothing energy and ability to boost communication and creativity.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger Eye assists in unlocking one's internal resilience and guiding it towards individual necessities and longings. It grants us the intuition to follow by feel and not by thought, reinforcing our solar plexus chakra with safeguarding energies and boosting self-esteem.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine provides strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. It has been associated with luck since its discovery, many hold a piece firmly in their hand while they manifest their dreams and desires.

Lava Stone

Lava stone is a grounding stone that enhances our connection to the earth. It provides strength and courage, promoting stability during periods of change. As a calming stone, it effectively disperses anger.

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