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Metaphysics of Watson Unitary Caring Science: A Cosmology of Love

Metaphysics of Watson Unitary Caring Science: A Cosmology of Love

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This innovative publication addresses metaphysics as a core consideration and foundation for the evolution of nursing in the context of Watson's Unitary Care Science. If affirms and invites a maturing of the nursing profession and its developing consciousness of human-universe as the substance of Unitary Caring Science, along with its basis in the evolving cosmology of love. Within this conceptual framework the book examines metaphysics and the non-physical, invisible, spirit realm of human experiences, health, and healing, creating a new space to explore the relationship between science and spirit phenomena generally eschewed in Western thought.

Addressing such topics as the meaning of metaphysics and why now is an ideal moment to pursue a unity of nursing and metaphysics, the book describes the personal, metaphysical and mystical experiences of the author and other contributors as a catalyst for readers to awaken and examine their own such experiences. Using an evolved Unitary Caring Science worldview of what is considered real and true within this paradigm and beyond Western science, the text honors the self in relation to diverse, unique experiences of patients from all backgrounds and belief systems. It explores personal experiences that cannot be explained using the dominant worldview and seeks to integrate science and metaphysics as a core branch of philosophy. A metaphysical understanding of nursing’s unitary relational worldview of oneness as foundation for mature discipline and practice provides nurses with a philosophical, theoretical, and scientific foundation for the  evolution of humankind. The text also explores the cosmology of Love as the foundational energy of life and the basis of a new call to the nursing profession to awaken their ancient and future role as metaphysicians of caring, health, and healing.

Key Features:

  • Provides metaphysical evidence and a deep philosophical understanding of the role of metaphysics and the cosmology of Love within Watson's Unitary Caring Science
  • Disseminates these teachings through the writings of prominent nurse scholars, philosophers, theologians, scientists, and historians
  • Includes personal moments, messages, and quotes to create evocative imaginative meanings and inspiration to metaphysical phenomena
  • Demonstrates how the concept of soul and spirit can be metaphysically reconciled as a real and true phenomena of concern within nursing
  • Explores Unitary Caring Science in depth in relation to mature nursing phenomena and a worldview encompassing healing and health
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Metaphysics of Watson Unitary Caring Science: A Cosmology of Love?