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Unitary Caring Science: Philosophy and Praxis of Nursing

Unitary Caring Science: Philosophy and Praxis of Nursing

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Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
2018, University Press of Colorado

Listen to Jean describe her book.

Also available in PDF, EPub, and PRC.

This book develops the foundation of scientific disciplinary principles such as axiology, ethics, ontology, epistemology, methodology, and praxis in the context of evolving worldview cosmology of One of Belonging to Infinity –quantum universe.

It traces core nursing literature, which excludes ‘caring’ in the meta-paradigm, to a convergence of discourse to Caring being included to the latest turn toward ‘Unitary Caring Science’ as a maturing of the discipline, addressing nursing’s phenomena of wholeness, caring consciousness, energy, relational ontology and evolution of human consciousness.

Another classic Watson book for students interested in the evolution of the discipline and location of caring in the meta-paradigm, this work traces the discourse of the meta-paradigm.

This book shows Jean's evolution of thinking from the 2008 book Nursing: the Philosophy and Science of Caring. Required reading for Watson Scholars.

Level: Accessible to all readers

Audience: Doctoral and graduate students and those wanting to understand Watson's Caring Science evolution

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